Business Challenge

Sundays is a direct-to-consumer online furniture company based in Vancouver looking to gain market share while building brand awareness. As a new e-commerce furniture store serving North America, maximizing advertising budget potential is top of mind.

Campaign Goals

Drive Revenue

Generate brand awareness

Maximize Budget Potential

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April 2020 - July 2020

A clear business objective paved the way for a revised ads strategy that included:

Market Viability

• By using advertising campaigns that target specific locations and customers, Sunday’s aimed to increase sales through advertising before expansion.

Customer Journey

• Advertising campaigns structured around Sundays’ customers. The campaigns target the ‘customer’s journey’, which includes how and where they are most likely to interact with the brand.

Creative Testing

• A/B testing ad copy, creative, and ad formats to determine what resonates and what doesn’t.

Return On Advertising Spending (ROAS)

• Revenue focused campaign budgeting and optimizations.

Product Insights

• Utilizing product sales to hyper-focus on customers that have gone through the funnel and love the Sundays’ brand.

Campaign Results

Return on Ad Spend


Increased Revenue by


Decreased CPA by


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